CBS Detroit: Michigan Matters: Haley Stevens, Focus on Tech and Manufacturing

Southfield (CBS Detroit) – Freshman U.S. Rep. Haley Stevens, D-Rochester Hills, appeared on MICHIGAN MATTERS and talked up the importance of technology and manufacturing jobs in southeast Michigan and her efforts in Washington to safeguard them.

Stevens, the first millennial-age Congressman sent to Washington by Michigan voters, appeared with Carol Cain, Senior Producer/Host of the CBS 62 show. Stevens served in the Obama administration 10 years ago on the auto task force which helped save General Motors and FCA.

The Seaholm High School graduate also talked about her Metro Detroit roots on the show.

Also appearing on the roundtable portion of the show was U.S. Rep Debbie Dingell, D-Dearborn, Susy Avery, former chair of the Michigan Republican Party and Co-Director of MSU’s Michigan Political Leadership Program, and Denise Ilitch, CEO of Ilitch Enterprises. The panel talked about the Affordable Care Act which was enacted 10 years ago. In particular was a discussion about safeguarding pre-existing conditions as part of ACA.

Dingell, whose late husband, Cong. John Dingell, was seated next to President Barack Obama when the ACA bill was finally signed into law.

Susy Avery, Co-Director of MPLP, Denise Ilitch, CEO of Ilitch Enterprises, and U.S. House Rep. Debbie Dingell, with Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain (Credit: Logan Tesmer/CBS 62)

Dingell also talked about her recent speech at the Ann Arbor Hash Bash.
“This is the first time I ever went to it,” she said.

Ilitch, a regent at University of Michigan, said the legalizing recreational marijuana for adults (which Michigan voters did in November) would impact the Ann Arbor university.

Denise Ilitch with Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton

Ilitch also talked about Bill & Hillary Clinton’s visit to Detroit last week. She had a chance to talk with them.

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