Addiction and Drug Policy

The nationwide addiction crisis is something we as a country must come together to address immediately. Our families and communities are being torn apart by opioid abuse, and our government has a duty to take action to combat this epidemic. I support legislation that investigates inappropriate prescribing of narcotics, emphasizes treatment over prosecution, and gives Americans over-the-counter access to the lifesaving medication naloxone.

Another approach we must take to curb opioid addiction is decriminalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. Studies have shown that full, federal legalization of medical marijuana in particular could be an effective solution to combat opioid addiction.

In addition to legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, I support descheduling marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and pardoning and wiping the records of past offenders who were convicted of non-violent, marijuana-related crimes. We should begin taxing and regulating marijuana to fund important projects like our roads and our schools.

Finally, we must end the War on Drugs as we know it. Drug policy and prosecution targets people of color at a disproportionate rate. This form of injustice and inequality is unacceptable and it is not effectively solving the problem of ridding our communities of drugs and crime. We must reexamine how we approach drug policy with the purpose of supporting American families. I believe that together we can come up with solutions to save lives and rebuild the communities that have suffered from addiction for far too long.

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