Commonsense Gun Laws

In November 2021, our community was brought to its knees by a senseless and preventable act of gun violence. Four innocent Oxford High School students tragically lost their lives. We will never forget those we lost and must commit to fighting harder than ever to prevent any more deaths due to gun violence.

I was in high school when the Columbine massacre occurred. I just finished college when Virginia Tech happened and I had just finished my service in the Obama Administration when our nation was rocked by the Sandy Hook shooting. And I was running for Congress when the Parkland shooting shocked our country.

One of the central reasons I ran for Congress in Michigan – to flip a seat and hold it – was to change our gun laws and keep dangerous weapons out of our communities. Even while millions were spent against me by the Right, including the NRA for my policy views, I cosponsored and voted for every single piece of legislation aimed at reducing gun violence.

We must end loopholes in the background checks system – especially the boyfriend and gun show loopholes. Pass a bill to crack down on bump stocks, enforce the laws we already have on the books, and get ghost guns off of our streets. These are common sense reforms that cannot wait. Our schools, grocery stores, movie theaters and places of worship must be free from gun violence.

I am honored to have received endorsements from Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, Brady PAC and Parkland parent, Fred Guttenberg.