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Congresswoman Stevens on the Minimum Wage
The Congresswoman was an original cosponsor of the Raise the Wage Act of 2019 and voted for its final passage in July, 2019. She is also a cosponsor of the Raise the Wage Act of 2021. 
Moreover, when Congresswoman Stevens campaigned for a Republican District in 2018, she campaigned on raising the minimum wage and defeated a Republican and was the first democrat elected to Michigan’s 11th Congressional District since the moon landing with that message.  
Here is her 100 percent score from the AFL-CIO. 

Congresswoman Stevens on Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Pricing
Rep. Stevens believes that we must continue to build upon and improve the Affordable Care Act. ACA sign-ups reached record highs during this year’s enrollment period with 14.5  million new sign ups. This shows the overwhelming popularity of the ACA insurance marketplace and the success of the Obama and Biden administrations to provide affordable health care to all Americans. 
She strongly supports the implementation of a “public option” that would directly compete with private insurers as a way to bring down costs and has repeatedly voted to lower the cost of prescription drugs and give Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices and cap the cost of insulin.