Veterans and Defense

The mission of the Department of Veterans Affairs is to fulfill President Lincoln’s promise “to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan.” Having learned from family members who served in the military and in combat zones, I understand the special role that veterans play in our society. I have developed workforce training programs and have spent time on military bases to development training programs for service members.

The Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office funded an exciting Advanced Manufacturing Internship program, which is designed to provide accelerated, hands-on career training for veterans and next-generation engineers to prepare them for long term manufacturing jobs upon leaving service.

We must continue to support veterans who return from service with visible and unseen scars. While the Department of Veterans Affairs maintains a National Resource Directory to help veterans and wounded warrior access programs and services, we must ensure that the VA is adequately serving our veterans. We need a VA that addresses mental health and suicide prevent and an agency that is equipped with the staff and resources to deliver for our ventures, particularly much needed medical staff.

(The Recovery Village also has great resources for veterans; it is an organization with locations across the country, dedicated to helping those struggling with substance abuse into recovery.)

I believe in the role the Department of the Defense plays in our government. I have worked closely with the DOD throughout my career, particularly the Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Based Policy. The DOD can be a partner for metro-department automakers and suppliers as our industrial base has been critical to our long term national security. We need to encourage public private partnerships and co-investment in R&D, Innovation and supply chain securitization, particularly for cyber security. We do not need to bloat the DOD budget at the expense of domestic programs. I believe in responsible spending that equips our soldiers and military personnel with the resources they need to do their jobs.

The United States foreign policy success rests squarely with strategic allied relationships, the utilization of smart power and diplomacy. We must avoid isolationist policies that fray international relationships and continue to develop strong bonds with our allies.

I believe in a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. The United States and Israel maintain a special allied relationship, bound by our shared commitment to common values. This is a relationship that must continue to thrive and go unquestioned – and most importantly cannot become a partisan issue. I am undoubtedly a staunch supporter of Israel and am eager for the opportunity to experience the country first-hand. I believe that the U.S-Israel relationship maintains security in an unstable part of the world, and that our country will continue to support Israel’s democratically elected leaders to further the mutual goals and necessary interests shared between our countries.

Both countries have a shared opportunity and a lot to gain from working together. I believe the past has shown us the results of a strong, allied relationship and that will benefit generations to follow. We set a global precedent and strengthen against threats and secure a mutual interest in a vulnerable region through a strong U.S-Israel partnership.

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