Protecting Our “Pure Michigan” Environment

I believe climate change is a serious problem and needs to be addressed immediately before it is too late. When an overwhelming number of scientists around the world have cited the realities and dangerous implications of climate change, this is not a partisan issue, but the global challenge of our generation that requires dedicated leadership to tackle.

Climate change and environmental degradation are issues that affect our entire planet, meaning we need an international solution supported by countries across the globe. The Administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement was extremely misguided, and I proudly voted for legislation to reverse that decision and rejoin the coordinated global effort to save our planet. Additionally, we need to stop the regressive politics of undermining the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and keystone policies that protect our air, water, and natural resources. We only have one planet, and it is important that we protect it for future generations. We must fight to keep Michigan the “Pure Michigan” that we love. We must protect our Great Lakes with the proper funding and scientific resources.

I believe the United States can lead the way in promoting a clean energy future. I have worked with manufacturers to support investments in clean and renewable energy through now-expired tax incentive programs that encouraged sustainable energy investment. There is no country or workforce more resilient or innovative than that of the United States of America, and we will lead the charge in growing and revitalizing our economy while pushing for technologies that will continue to improve the quality of our environment and reduce the catastrophic effects of climate change.

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